MSO with Leci-Tech

MSO with LECI-TECH is a methylated seed oil containing the highest quality components available. The premium emulsifiers, along with Leci-Tech technology, will provide uniform mixing for excellent performance as well as drift reduction, enhanced penetration and droplet adhesion. MSO with LECI-TECH is designed for use with post-emergent herbicides and has consistently demonstrated increased penetration over conventional crop oil concentrates.

Key benefits 

  • TO: Drift reduction with performance-sized droplets

  • ON: Droplet retention by adhesion and spreading

  • IN: Increased penetration without cuticle disruption

  • Contains Leci-Tech technology






0.5%-1% v/v (0.5L-1L/100L water)

Methyl Esters of Vegetable Oil 630 g/L