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Soil is a complex, living environment, full of organisms critical to plant growth and health. Our range of soil applied technologies, including starter fertilisers and fertigation, help improve physical, chemical and biological elements of the soil, leading to better overall soil health and improved crop production.

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Structure (9.1-11.9-00 +.26% Zinc + 7.8% Actagro Organic Acids) is a superior liquid phosphate formulation for progressive farmers interested in more mobile and more plant available phosphorous in their cropping system.

Foundation LM

Foundation LM is a fertiliser biocatalyst, specifically formulated for use with liquid fertiliser applications via fertigation, in-furrow injection or broadcast applications. Foundation LM contains concentrated biochemistry that helps expedite stubble breakdown, improve the efficiency of applied…

Black Ultra

Black Ultra® is very different to any other humic, humate or fulvic substance material in the market. An advanced manufacturing process is used to fully react materials using a specific patent regulated by heat, pressure, time and pH in a highly controlled environment. This creates a very soluble,…

Black Label Zinc

Black Label® Zinc (8-11.5-0 + Zn 1%) is a proprietary nitrogen and phosphate formulation complexed with 7.1% organic acids proven to provide outstanding mobility, availability and efficiency resulting in higher yields, improved crop quality and outstanding return on investment. Black Label® Zinc…