Weather Gard Complete

WEATHER GARD COMPLETE is a proprietary crop-based formulation containing a drift reduction agent, antifoam/defoamer, penetrant and water conditioner in one easy-to-use liquid formulation. Formulated to maximise performance of herbicide products.


  • Contains Leci-Tech, a unique technology that assists overall spray performance.
  • Water condition component minimising the effects of hard water ions that interfere with herbicide performance.
  • Antifoam/ defoam component stops foam from building.



  • TO the plant: Drift reduction with performance-sized droplets.
  • ON the plant: Droplet retention by adhesion and spreading.
  • IN the plant: Increased leaf penetration without cuticle disruption.
  • All in one adjuvant that includes drift reduction, antifoam/defoamer, penetrant and water conditioner.






0.25%-0.5%v/v (0.25-0.5L/100L) of spray volume Use the higher rate during hot or dry condition


  • Crop Suitability
    Non-crop situations including forestry and fallow
  • Product Timing
    As required by tank mixing partner
  • Pack Sizes
    20L, 100L, 1000L

Products should be used in accordance with the product label and directions for use.
For best results, consult with your agronomist on suitability of the product, taking into account your particular circumstances.