Agricultural Spray Adjuvants

Adjuvants are chemical sprays designed to improve the effectiveness of your pesticides in protecting your crops.

Our range of agricultural spray adjuvants cover a variety of product types with specialised benefits to ensure you’re getting the most out of your pesticides.

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Antifoam Agents & Defoamers

Our antifoam agents and defoamers are specifically designed to reduce and control foam in water, oil, fertiliser and pesticide spray mixtures. By minimising foam, you can more effectively and quickly mix spray formulas, reducing waste and unnecessary exposure to pesticides.


Lecithin is a natural-based product derived from soybean seeds and is the workhorse of the LECI-TECH product line. LECI-TECH is a unique technology that assists overall spray performance by providing an adjuvant system that delivers: To The Plant - Drift Reduction, On The Plant - Droplet Retention and In The Plant - Penetration.

By reducing spray droplet drift and ensuring retention of droplets on the plant, Leci-Tech makes for a more efficient and effective spray.


Soil Wetting Agents & Surfactant

Our soil surfactant products work by improving the infiltration of water and nutrients in the soil, maximising their availability to the plant and reducing water wastage. Particularly useful in dry, arid soils, soil surfactants are designed to reduce the physiological stresses crops face in these environments.

Water Conditioner

Using scientifically developed methods to affect positive ions in water, our water conditioner products counteract the negative results of adding certain herbicides to water. This reduces the likelihood of water affecting the uptake of herbicides into the plant, ultimately improving the performance of the herbicide.

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