Reacted Carbon Technology

Reacted Carbon Technology™ (RCT) is a platform that encompasses a wide range of complex carbon mixtures that have been precisely designed for specific performance and agronomic benefits. Derived from leonardite, our organic matter is a complex mixture of molecules ranging in size, composition, and chemical functionality. Every product in the RCT line has a different extraction and reaction process and was developed for certain elements, nutrients, or effects on the soil.

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Structure (9.1-11.9-00 +.26% Zinc + 7.8% Reacted Carbon Technology) is a superior liquid phosphate formulation for progressive farmers interested in more mobile and more plant available phosphorous in their cropping system.

Black Ultra

Black Ultra® is very different to any other humic, humate or fulvic substance material in the market. An advanced manufacturing process is used to fully react materials using a specific patent regulated by heat, pressure, time and pH in a highly controlled environment. This creates a very soluble,…