Foundation LM

Foundation LM is a fertiliser biocatalyst, specifically formulated for use with liquid fertiliser applications via fertigation, in-furrow injection or broadcast applications. Foundation LM contains concentrated biochemistry that helps expedite stubble breakdown, improve the efficiency of applied liquid fertilisers and improve the availability of nutrient within the soil profile.  


  • Concentrated formulation
  • Contains diverse biochemistry; the by-product of a living system
  • Consistent and stable formulation



  • Improves nutrient use efficiency
  • Promotes better root growth and development
  • Improves plant performance



Application Rates: See Product Label

Specific Gravity: ~0.994

pH: 8

Colour & Form: Light Brown Liquid

Compatibility: Highly compatible. Avoid mixing with highly acidic tank mixes. 

Storage: Must be stored out of direct sunlight, in a frost-free area above 5°C and below 30°C. Keep sealed in original container.